Flood News: Week of August 22nd, 2016

In the news this week, the Province of Saskatchewan has announced the development of a province-wide flood and natural hazard risk assessment. The assessment will look at the province’s vulnerability to floods and will be used to develop mitigation projects. More details about Saskatchewan’s flood risk assessment and other flood news are listed below:

Flood Damages and Repairs

🔗 Removable flood walls proposed to speed Waterways rebuild – Fort McMurray Today, Aug 28th, 2016

🔗  Edmonton high schools scramble to repair flood damage as classes begin – Edmonton Journal, Aug 26th, 2016

Flood Risk Assessment

🔗 Saskatchewan working to develop comprehensive flood risk assessment – Canadian Underwriter, Aug 28th, 2016

🔗 Sask. working to develop comprehensive flood risk assessment – CTV News, Aug 24th, 2016

Flood History and Preparedness in Edmonton, Alberta

🔗 Flood of 1915 the worst in Edmonton history – CBC News, Aug 26th, 2016

🔗 Councillor Walters pushes for better flood preparedness – CTV News, Aug 24th, 2016

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