Flood News: Week of August 29th, 2016

The City of Moncton, New Brunswick, is piloting a project to develop two wetlands that will store and filter storm water. The city is leading the way as they move towards the development of multi-functional wetlands and away from the traditional stormwater retention ponds. More details about Moncton’s wetland project and other flood news are listed below:

Wetland Development

🔗 From Bathtubs to Wetlands – Ducks Unlimited Canada, Aug 29th, 2016

Flooding and Flood Damage

🔗 Kananaskis trail guide author could spend 7 years revising books, thanks to 2013 flood – CBC News, Aug 30th, 2016

🔗 August flooding causes $1-million damage at St. Joseph High School – CBC News, Aug 29th, 2016

🔗 High River homeowner desperate for help 3 years after Alberta floods – Global News, Aug 29th, 2016

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