Flood News: Week of December 5th, 2016

Posted on: 12 December, 2016

Regions on the east coast of Canada are still recovering from October’s floods. See below for more details on these stories and other flood-related news.

After the Floods

🔗 Cape Breton flood victims unhappy with compensation offer – CTV News, Dec 9th, 2016

🔗 Sydney homeowners unhappy with flood compensation offers – CBC News, Dec 9th, 2016

🔗 North Sydney photographer offers up free portraits for flood victims – CBC News, Dec 7th, 2016

🔗 Cape Breton road damaged in Thanksgiving Day flood washes out again – CBC News, Dec 5th, 2016

🔗 The long trip home: evacuees return to Kashechewan after 2014 flood – CBC News, Dec 5th, 2016


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