Communities and Organizations

Municipalities have an important role to play when it comes to flood and emergency preparedness. Municipalities, as well as the individual communities and organizations within them, are responsible for informing and preparing residents for floods and flood risks.

Within communities across the country, organizations are focusing their attention on floods and emergency preparedness. These organizations provide safety tips and information to help spread the word about floods and the different ways individuals, communities, municipalities, and businesses can make sure they stay safe before, during and after a flood.

Municipalities, communities, and organizations across Canada should learn from one another as well as share ideas and tools. This will help them to improve current strategies and will increase flood awareness is spread all throughout Canada.

*Please note that FloodSmartCanada and Partners for Action do not take responsibility for the verification of the services and information identified below.

Organizations Working on Floods

Organizations across the country are developing programs that focus on climate change adaptation and flood prevention. Many of these programs provide critical information, share knowledge, and support collaborative efforts to protect communities before, during and after flooding events.

We are working to provide links to all groups working on floods and climate change adaptation across the country. Please see below for examples of these groups and their work, and if you’d like to add your group, <a href=””>please click here.</a>

Adaptation Library – Resources for climate adaptation
The Adaptation Library provides users with access to relevant tools, products and information related to climate adaptation in Canada and abroad.
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Adaptation to Climate Change (ACT) ACT explores the risks of climate change and opportunities for sustainable adaptation. To do so, ACT connects leading experts with industry, community and government decision-makers.
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Flood Resilience, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment Tools

We are working to provide a complete list of resilience, vulnerability, and risk assessment tools related to flood and climate change adaptation. Please see below for examples of these tools, and if you’d like to add a tool, click here.

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care
– The Health Care Facility Climate Change Resiliency Toolkit

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
Tools for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments for Watersheds

The Canadian Institute of Planners
Climate Change Adaptation Planning: a Nunavut Toolkit

Insurance Bureau of Canada
– Municipal Risk Assessment Tool

Engineers Canada
Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC)

Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Adaptation Planning Guides
Adapting to Climate Change: A Risk Based Guide for Local Governments
Climate Scenarios and Projections
Local Government Adaption Strategies
Local Governments and Adaptation
Risk Management and Assessment Tools

Government of Canada
– Emergency Management Organizations

Natural Resources Canada
Adapting to Climate Change : An Introduction for Canadian Municipalities

Justice Institute of British Columbia
– Aboriginal Disaster Resilience Planning Rural Disaster Resilience Planning

Province of New Brunswick
New Brunswick’s Flood Risk Reduction Strategy

Swiss Re
The Road to Flood Resilience in Canada

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
TRCA Real Time Gauging Network