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What is FloodSmart Canada?

FloodSmart Canada seeks to empower Canadians to take action to prepare for flooding. It provides a hub of information and resources on floods, flood risks, and emergency preparedness. The information on this site is intended to educate homeowners, renters, practitioners, businesses, municipalities and other organizations about floods. It includes information created by the work of Partners for Action and other useful   resources created by a range of organizations working on flood risk awareness and preparedness. FloodSmart Canada is a project of Partners for Action at the University of Waterloo.



In the face of climate change and extreme weather, the goal of Partners for Action (P4A) is to advance flood resiliency in Canada. We advocate for a flood risk-aware Canada where residents and communities take responsibility for protecting themselves and recovering from floods, and decision-makers consider these hazards in planning and preparing our communities.

P4A’s collaborative approach brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to create and share knowledge, address information needs, and drive action. P4A is an applied research group based in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo. P4A receives support provided by The Co-operators Group Ltd. and Farm Mutual Re.