Flood News: Week of September 19th, 2016

The impacts of climate change can be seen across the country. Storms, floods, droughts, and extreme temperatures are just some of these impacts threatening our society. Five Canadians communities have been identified to showcase the direct consequences of the changing climate: Lennox Island, Toronto, Prince Albert, Richmond, and Old Crow. See below for details on this story and more flood-related news.

Climate Change

🔗 Facing the Change: 5 Canadian Communities Threatened by Climate Change Now – CBC News, Sept 23rd, 2016

Flood-Resilient Communities

🔗 Insurance Co. Partners to Build More Flood-Resilient Communities – Water Canada, Sept 19th, 2016

Flood Damages and Perceptions

🔗 High River launches campaign to shift public perceptions 3 years after flood – CTV News, Sept 23rd, 2016

🔗 Muskoka, Ontario residents launch $900 million suit against province over flood damage – Canadian Underwriter, Sept 19th, 2016

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