Educational Resources on Flooding in Canada

In partnership with Canadian Geographic and The Royal Canadian Geographical SocietyPartners for Action has developed educational resources on flooding in Canada to raise awareness among Canadian youth in grades 5-12. Canadian Geographic has a long history and strong reputation for creating engaging and educational resources. These inquiry-based and bilingual resources are available to all Canadian educators and will not only encourage students to become more prepared for floods, but also to learn the geography of floods and the wide-reaching impact that they have in Canada. The educational materials provided below include an infographic that shows the causes of floods in Canada and assists students in the preparation of floods; a tiled map of Canada showing different areas of the country that have experienced flooding in past and those that may be affected in the future; and lesson packages with learning activities for grades 5-8 and 9-12.

Tiled map


Partners for Action would like to acknowledge the support of the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada through the National Disaster Mitigation Program. Please note that the views expressed in these documents are the views of Partners for Action and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province of Ontario or Government of Canada.