Know Your Risks

Use flood maps and apps to learn about your flood risk

What are Flood Maps?

Floodplain maps help to identify areas that may be at risk of flooding during severe storms. Flood maps are critical tools for informing communities about their flood risk and supporting flood management discussions that involve the public (Minano & Peddle 2018).

Providing communities with floodplain maps that accurately reflect flood hazards can help people make informed decisions about flood and emergency preparedness such as evacuation plans, flood-proofing property measures and insurance needs.

Flood Maps listed by Province and Territory

We are working to provide a complete list of flood maps for Canadian provinces, territories and municipalities. If you would like to add a flood map to our site please click here. 

*Please note that FloodSmart Canada and Partners for Action do not take responsibility for the verification of the services and information identified below.

Flood Insurance Apps

Some insurers provide tools to better understand your flood risk. Partners for Action and FloodSmart Canada cannot verify or endorse the information provided, but direct you to the insurers for specific flood-risk information.